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Snoring from A to ZZZZ by Dr Derek S Lipman Snoring Specialist

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Derek S. Lipman, M.D., is an ear, nose and throat specialist in Portland, Oregon.

He received his M.D. at the University of Cape Town Medical School, completing internship amd residency at the same institution. He and his family immigrated to the USA in 1977.

On the active staff of several major Portland hospitals, Dr. Lipman's practice is devoted to the treatment of snoring and sleep-related breathing disorders. Dr. Lipman belongs to county, state, and national medical associations including the American Sleep Apnea Association, where he served on the Public Education and Communication Committee.

Dr. Lipman is the author of Snoring From A to ZZZZ: Proven Cures for the Night's Worst Nuisance, a widely-acclaimed book, now published in seven foreign languages.

"It is my wish," stresses Dr. Lipman in the introduction of Snoring From A to ZZZZ, "that this information will help many of you, among the millions of snorers, to obtain relief, enjoy the vitalizing benefits of a good night's sleep, bringing your long-suffering partners out of the spare room...and back in the bedroom!"

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